Car Insurance

One of India’s leading financial and industrial centres, Gurgaon is situated in the National Capital Region near New Delhi in the state of Haryana. Historically known as Guru Gram, the city experienced steady economic growth with the creation of Maruti Suzuki manufacturing plant set up in the 1970s.

Famous for its complex park system, the city is Gurgaon is divided into 36 wards, with each ward further divided into blocks, making for a very efficient administration model. Among travelers, it is famous for its famous car-free citizen initiative called ‘Raahgiri Day’ organized every Sunday, wherein streets are closed to cars but open for the exclusive use of people for running, cycling, skating, or other recreational activities.

Car owners in Gurgaon can apply for car insurance by logging into easy to use the website and filling up a quick form, following which our agents will get in touch with you. We offer multiple services including free on-road repair and free towing up to 25 kilometres, along with access to multiple cashless garages.

Property Insurance

With our experience and expertise, we provide the best Property Insurance Service in Delhi, NCR, and UP. The Property Insurance Service provided by us includes Residential Property Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance and Industrial Property Insurance. Our comprehensive knowledge about the different types of property insurances enables us to suggest a policy to our clients which is best suitable for them. We realize that any property is a valuable possession and therefore every effort should be made to save it from all kinds of damages.

Choosing the right Property Insurance Policy, therefore, becomes crucial. We act as your guides and mentors in helping you decide a property that will cover your property effectively and help you in getting one on the most easy terms & conditions. We assist you in getting a policy with lower premium so that you are able to secure your policy within your budget.